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The second CD and DVD of Kanaan Jakub Kornacki – voice Cezary Paciorek – piano, accordion Grzegorz Nadolny – double bass Irek Kaczmar – percussion Mateusz Otczyk – guitar Maciej...

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Well known and popular Christmas carols for voice and string quartet, arranged by Maciej Afanasjew and Adam Kosewski. Oryginal and natural sound of arrangements is...

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An arrangement of strings in a tune More and more frightened on CD Gorge of our times of At the well

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author: Jerzy Sulima-Kamiński read by Eugeniusz Rzyski music: Bogdan Ciesielski Maciej Afanasjew – violin Krzysztof Lutrzykowski – accordion Mirosław Żyta – percussion

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A CD of Anna Kamyk with tunes composed by Maciej Afanasjew and lyrics by Jakub Kornacki

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Debute CD of Kanaan. Honored by Golden Disc Award of Christian Music Store. BUY A CD Jakub Kornacki- voice, music and lyrics, screams Małgorzata Kornacka- voice, music...

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Compilation of songs of bands: Love Story, Strona B, Anielsi, Hiob, Twoje Niebo, Kuba Kornacki and Kaanan, PANdamusic, Nacinacze Sykomory, El Camino, Pora Wiatru...

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The first CD of Basia Raduszkiewicz, recorded in Polish Radio in Agnieszka Osiecka Studio LINE-UP: Basia Raduszkiewicz - voice Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, arrangement Marcin Murawski - bass Cezary...

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CD contains a soundtrack od "Mini Musical about Big Things". It is a 3-pieces musical, that shows a life of St. Paul. The project...