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Here you have a brand new lick for II V I with violin bowing and fingering. Enjoy and feel free to share and use.

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Maciej Afanasjew is performing on 27th May in Rafał Tworek Quintet during  The 11th Lutheran Music Spring in Poznań.

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Kanaan is performing on 20th of May in parish of Jesuits in Bydgoszcz.

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Maciej Afanasjew & Karol Szymanowski Duo is performing at the X Easy Jazz Festival in Żory.

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I would like to announce, that I am leading a jazz violin class during The XIV International Masterclasses in Krzyżowa (30th July – 6th August).

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There is a review of Quo Vadis – trascriptions of Zbigniew Seifert solos in Jazz Forum Magazine (only polish). Quo vadis review

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A brand new recording of Afanasjew & Szymanowski is ready:

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In The Bydgoszcz Cultural Magazine there is an interview with me concerning a stay in New York (in polish).

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My new publication Quo Vadis containing transcribed solos of Zbigniew Seifert from 3 CDs: Solo Violin, Man of the light and Passion has already come...