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The Afanasjew & Szymanowski Duo is a result of the searching for unusual sound of combining a violin and a vibraphone. This unprecedented set gives an opportunity to broaden range of sound used in jazz, pop, latin ect. music.

The line-up:
Maciej Afanasjew – violin
Karol Szymanowski – bass vibe

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Maciej Afanasjew Quartet The band has raised as a result of searching new sound fields by its members. A compilation of violin and vibraphone, accompanied by rhythm section gave performing possibilities in case of colour and space. A characteristic of MAQ reach from hard bop music language and modal jazz to slavian music, giving as a result new artistic quality. A force of the band is engagement in creating unique sound of members of MAQ:
Maciej Afanasjew- violin
Karol Szymanowski- vibraphone
Piotr Biskupski- drums
Grzegorz Nadolny- double bass

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Kanaan Very personal approach to faith and to God of Jakub Kornacki, has met with an experience as an actor. It gradually released new passion- to convert his experience of the meeting with the Creator to words and music. As a result, 30 brand new tunes has been created, arranged by Maciej Afanasjew. To create a band, such musicians as Cezary Paciorek, Grzegorz Nadolny, Waldemar Franczyk and many others have been invited.


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Ahora Tango Music of Astor Piazzolla is a passion by itself. It charms with the beauty, kills with longing. Every note carries something imperceptible, ethereal, something that cause, that even silence has it sense. Music, that we play, tugs at heartstrings, discovers desires of our souls. This storm of emotions cannot be locked in a record. It can be experienced only by tangible contact. That is why, our performances are never meetings of two separate worlds, artist and audience. They are live, never ending expression. This fire burns all the time. And nothing remains. Only passion.